Filter Cartridge 00907

Filter Cartridge 00907

This is the official replacement filter inhibitor cartridge for all Hot Taps shown on our site. The filter inhibitor protects the system from the build up of Lime scale and is a vital part in keeping your Instant Hot Water Tap working to its optimum. The Filter inhibitor cartridge needs to be changed every six months as per the product warranty # WRAS approved # simple to install # built in shut off valve # removes impurities such as scale, chlorine etc

Price: £45.00




  • WRAS approved
  • Simple to install
  • Built in shut off valve
  • Removes impurities such as scale, chlorine etc

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Filter Cartridge Replacements

All our Instant Hot Water Taps need to have the limescale filter cartridge changed every 6 months. This is extremely important to keep the unit working at its optimum and to protect the heating unit uner the terms of the product warranty.

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