Geyser 3 in 1 Graphite Instant Hot Water Tap U Spout

Geyser 3 in 1 Graphite Instant Hot Water Tap U Spout

The Geyser 3 in 1 Graphite instant hot water tap with U Spout combines filtered 98 degree steaming hot water and regular hot and cold water. Sleek contemporary design to help you save time and space in your kitchen. The Instant hot water control features the child safety lever which has to be pushed down before it can turn to run the water The Hot Water Tank has full digital control control with temperature settings at 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 96, 97 and 98 degrees. Also includes Limescale filter to protect and improve the quality of your water. Comes with full 2 year warranty and national after sales service.

Price: £899.00 £699.00




  • Vented non Pressurised safe system 3 in 1 Hot Water Tap Chrome Finish Hot, Cold and 98 degree Smooth flow ,no spitting or splashing Min pressure only 1.5 bar Max 5.0 bar Dispenses 1.25 Litres before Temp drop Child safety operation WRAS approved Filter kit included Exclusive product Full Nationwide aftersales service Warranty Tap 2 year Tank Fully insulated Spout , does not get hot 2.4 Litre tank 60 cups per hour

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Filter Cartridge Replacements

All our Instant Hot Water Taps need to have the limescale filter cartridge changed every 6 months. This is extremely important to keep the unit working at its optimum and to protect the heating unit uner the terms of the product warranty.

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